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Island on the Beagle canal

300,00 €

Author: Magdalena Kalieva

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300,00 €

Моля изберете

Technique: Watercolor on paper
Size: 50.5 x 65.5
Year: 2017



You can contact Magdalena Kalieva on
+359 887 858 150


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Magdalena paints from very young age, but her education is in economics. She is an accountant by profession. She draws for relaxation and inner harmony. Often, with a smile, she defines herself as a "balancer," because the balance is the ultimate goal in accounting. Balance is a personal requirement for everyone and she succeeds achieving it by tourist watercollection, most often when she travels, she illustrates her own travel journals. Her thesis is that nothing can be learned at school, but it is inevitably learned, understood, overwhelmed, and growing in the course of time when one is traveling. She published four books with watercolors sketches in which the text illustrates the drawings, not the reverse. In her book, "Reader's Writing Path", the reader is obliged to retell and rewrite or just to title the drawings. She loves the watercolor and experiment only with the possibilities of water and spilling the water colors, the chance and the mastery of the colors in an aquatic environment. She let her hand feels the place where she is to convey the complicated sense of time-space. She present five pictures of her journey to Argentina, including Patagonia and Fire Land from the book "Argentina - Legendary and Mythicity of Old and New Age", which can be found in the Sofia Press Gallery in Sofia at 29 Slavyanska Street. Some travels she painted by melting the brush directly into the crystal lakes of the Patagonian wilderness. Argentina has also inspired her for the large watercolors.

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