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The Masks

63,00 €

Cat No: 1809DP-3
Author: Dimitar Popgeorgiev

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63,00 €

Моля изберете

Technique: Aquatint, soft lacquer

Size: 40 х 30 cm.


Dimitar Popgeorgiev is an artist who graduated from the National Academy of Arts. For many years he has been working in the area of deep-print graphics in the field of which he creates numerous master projects. His creative interests have recently embraced the form of creative photography.

The technique most commonly by the artist is part of the high stamp. It is performed on copper and brass plates, as well as on zinc. The image is worked on it with tools such as needles, and an appropriate acid is used to erase the plate. The work can be described as jewelery. Once it is ready, the zinc plate is inked with printing ink and printed on a manual printing press on a sheet of paper. The graphics are ready. The technique applies to all three types of printing, of course, and there are corresponding differences between them. Lithographies, for example, fall into the flat printing, while to the deep one deduct the aquatint, etching, mezzotino. This is also the preffered by the artist method.


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