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Dance II

270,00 €

Cat No: 1012
Author: Doncho Donchev

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270,00 €

Моля изберете


Technique: Mixed techniqe on coardboard

Size: 50 х35 

Year: 2009




Doncho Donchev studied Painting in The St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. 

His first exhibitions are in the town of Dryanovo and today he can show his art in many European countries, some of which are Zurich, Locarno, Liechtenstein, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Vienna, Brussels, Istanbul, Izmir and others. His greatest success is participation in an exhibition at CERN, which has not happened to any other Bulgarian until now. His project "Particle metamorphosis" was reviewed and evaluated by a commission.

Working in front of the public gives him adrenalin. For Doncho Donchev this is the real way of presenting his art, because people can see directly how he is creating a painting on a white canvas.

The artist also shares the different ways in which he attempts to diversify his art. For him the success formula is not hiding in the "enslavement" of a style, and for this reason he likes to experiment with different techniques. One of them is the insertion of patterns in the drawings. His idea was born when he fell into sewing and crunching magazines and was impressed by the lines that could hide different images.

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