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Self - portrait

460,00 €

Cat No: 1936
Author: Hristo Yonchev - Kriskarets

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460,00 €

Моля изберете

Technique: Inc

Year: 1936


Hristo Yonchev - Kriskarets was born on March 4, 1879 in Samokov, in the neighborhood of Kriskar (near Iskar), from where his nickname comes. He did not like to leave his native place, whose nature and culture he dedicates his life.

 He graduated from the Art Scholl in Bulgaria in 1904 at the class of Ivan Mrkvička and Ivan Angelov. He has also visited Munich for some time(he visited the class of another great master, the first Bulgarian stage designer Alexander Milenkov), where European models have a great influence on the young artist. The following years are marked by creative activity, materialized in five solo exhibitions.

Rila captivates him forever. He is the artist with the only water monument - Yonchevoto Lake. A lighted tourist, Kriskarets lives all summer with his family in Rila. In his paintings it is full of light. The turbulent and gloomy states are far from his creative worldview.

His landscapes - watercolor and oil - are tematically and genre - restricted, but they go beyong that you see. The paintings are like his life - real, filled with love and worship in front of the great mystery and nature. He is called "The artist and the singer of Rila".