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Belogradchik Rocks

410,00 €

Cat No: 1968
Author: Veselin Staykov

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410,00 €

Моля изберете

Technique: Etching, aquating

Year: 1968


Veselin Staykov is one of the most interesting and significant Bulgarian artists from the middle of the last century. His irresistible style is highly praised and internationally recognized in the 30s. He is known as the master of the wood engraving world-wide. Staykov studied Painting in The National Academy of in the class of prof. Boris Mitov, prof. Nikola Marinov and prof. Tseno Todorov.

 From 1946 Veselin Staykov is an associate professor and later professor at the Academy of Arts in Sofia, where he prepares a whole generation of students. Another contribution of Staykov for the development of Bulgarian art is the introduction of the technique of lithography - it is the first Bulgarian artist, who  creates metal engravings.