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Author: Nikolai Savov

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444,00 €

Моля изберете

Technique: Oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 60 sm. 
Year: 2015


You can contact Nikolai Savov on
+359 887 690 954  or by E-mail on 


Nikolay Savov is a painter and writer born in Varna. He graduated from St. Luke School of Applied Arts in Sofia.
As a writer, he fulfills the mission of exploring facts and documents about the monuments in the sea capital, which create the image and represent the essence of the city. In this respect Nikolay Savov is also a historian, because the nature of his books is precisely the history of Varna. He delves into it and presents it to the audience, educating with little known facts about the city. He is the author of the books: "The Monuments of Varna", "The Russian Monuments in Varna "," The Fountain of the Sultan" and the novel "The Chapel".

Under the pear
by Nikolay Savov

This series is a way to draw answers to questions that I have addressed to trees, branches, grasses and shrubs, that is to plant forms whose semantics and a lack of utilitarianism have become an instrument of their understanding. The unexpected metaphoricity of the assembled plant arsenal - a light between the branches of the blackberry, the air with the smell of ozone between the apple branches, the curtain of exquisite almond leaves - had been accumulated for several years and so the series Under the pear - twenty paintings of oil paint , created after a long pursuit of the moment they were captured. Their gathering in one place helped me to find out when a shrub with ripe raspberries became a prerequisite for an intuitive search for an old pear from deliberate conceptual formulation. The discovery brought me to the joy of drawing light, interpreting twilight, judging the prickly mores of a bush shrub, and the capricious construction of a dome of fig leaves. To send them from the real world of the world to the possible, from the righteousness to the truth, somewhere after the immediate data of my senses. That's how the cloth of Blackberry was made, which pleased me with her vital mixture of light, erupting from the middle of the bushes and pointing outward, as if her place was out of the picture. Unlike the Blackberry, in the canvas of the Fig, light refused to abandon its tranquil, temple sound under the dome of the fig leaves and leave the center of the composition. That's why I just obeyed it, although my intention was to illuminate the whole area of ​​the painting, and I was grateful to this obedience, and later I turned it into a picturesque approach to all the paintings in the series. So I got to the Under the Pear. The painting was conceived as a visual expression of a proverb, but the expressive, bluffing touch of the old tree and the thickened color of its background created a feeling not so much for a folk teaser as for an impending storm. Maybe that is why the canvas dominates the rest of the works with their size and the dramatic chord of their chromatic sound. Balance and tranquility brings only the mature pear hanging aside from the whole drama, as if to impress the viewer not to look so seriously at the idea of ​​a strenuous storyline.

With this proof of conscious contact with the viewer, the presence of her personal worldview, as well as the inaccessibility of the fig-tree thicket to leave my rights to the light, the series Under the pear ended. It includes several more trees, more clones and scabbards, leaves and battles of light with its derivatives. All of them form the concept of the series, which in a word is that, as my world and the world of trees meet in one workshop, so can all paradoxes that make life better, colorful and more interesting.

Nikolai Savov

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